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Private Equity

Investing in enterprise software since inception, Sheatrust pioneered a sector-focused approach to private equity. We partner with organizations at every phase of growth to rise to the next level and maximize future opportunities. Our singular focus on enterprise software companies across a broad range of maturity – from lower-middle market and high-growth organizations to large cap enterprises – has enabled us to develop an adaptable, analytical approach to growth.

Enhancing Company Value

We collaborate with our companies to capitalize on new ideas. Our team of subject matter experts has experience across enterprise software that translates to greater success for management teams, employees and customers.


SheaTrust Equity Partners (SEP) and our private equity strategy offer a combination of financial and intellectual capital to bring lasting value and sustainable growth to our companies. We set companies up for success by offering proven best practices and unique insights from a community of executives who understand the opportunities and challenges within the industry. This approach equips our companies with the resources they need to achieve their vision for their businesses.


Our sole focus on the software industry means that we are unrivaled in terms of experience and know-how. We ensure that a company can maximize the expertise of our network to achieve operational excellence, sustainable growth, and financial returns.

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Our Private Equity Funds

We partner with companies of all sizes and at various stages of the business lifecycle, leading them on a path to even greater success.


Lower-middle market and high-growth enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies


Middle-market and large cap enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies


Lower middle-market and middle-market enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies

Executive Empowerment

Sheatrust unites leaders from forward-thinking enterprise software companies to form our diverse network of executives. We support our executive community through unrivaled access to knowledge sharing and ongoing learning opportunities. These resources serve to empower our executive teams and their companies to face challenges, innovate and build better solutions – together.



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